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Firefighters save dog from sinkhole: German shepherd saved from sinkhole in NY

A firetruck
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Firefighters save a dog from a sinkhole in Buffalo, New York according to Yahoo! News. On Feb. 2, the 3-year-old German shepherd dog fell over 10 feet into a sinkhole while out with his owner, Mattie Moore, who was able to avoid falling in.

"Buffalo firefighter Michael Paveljack says rescuers put plywood around the 2-foot hole to stabilize the ground, then widened the gap for the rescue. Paveljack climbed down a ladder and fashioned a makeshift harness from the dog's leash that allowed rescuers to hoist it from the hole," reports Yahoo! News.

After firefighters saved the dog from the sinkhole, he was checked out. He does have a sore hip but other than that, the pup seems to be doing okay following the frightening incident. If you're a dog owner or animal lover you can probably imagine the sense of panic that Mattie Moore experienced when her dog fell inside the hole -- fortunately she was successfully rescued and hopefully her recovery is a quick one.

As for the sinkhole itself, it appears that a broken underground water pipe eroded the soil and caused the ground to open up -- a sort of thing that can happen anywhere.

Firefighters saved the dog in Buffalo park where the sinkhole opened up.

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