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Firefighters: Puppy stuck in car wheel has 'puppy love' for Calif. firefighters

A puppy whose head was rammed inside of a car wheel is free again, thanks to the efforts of firefighters in California who were able to rescue the trapped pup. The pit-bull pup found himself in a tough spot – literally – after playing around with seven of his siblings at a home in East Bakersfield, California.

Just like a child, a puppy’s curiosity can occasionally get the best of him, and that’s certainly what happened here. In this case, “Junior” somehow managed to wedge his face through the tire and rim, and while all dogs should have a collar, this is undoubtedly not what the owner had in mind.

According to local NBC news affiliate, Junior “began yelping, catching the attention of his owner, who (after taking an adorable picture of baby Junior) detached the wheel and drove him over to the local fire department branch.”

To get Junior out, all they needed was something they found in the kitchen, not in their fire trucks: vegetable oil. After applying some of the oil, and using some “elbow grease,” the firefighters were able to unwedge Junior from his predicament.

Firefighter Brandon Hill: “Junior was definitely not a happy camper when that was going on,” but said after they freed him he was “running around again.” Hill added that this is not the first time they had been called on to free a dog before, but he thinks Junior “was just being a puppy.”

Reports the Inquisitr:

Kern County fire fighters are gaining quite the reputation as puppy rescuers. In April 2012 they rescued a puppy from a tractor part that had a 2 1/2 inch hole, earlier this year an Australian shepherd mix was freed after being trapped in a pike, and in January 2012, they saved four dogs from a house fire — even reviving one at the scene! The report goes on to say that perhaps the most amazing rescue by the Kern County Fire Department was when they took in seven homeless puppies and found them all good homes.

So whether it’s a cat in a tree or a dog in a wheel, kudos to our men and women firefighters.

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