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Firefighters: Puppy stuck in car wheel rescued and looking for a home

Firefighters helped rescue a puppy with his head stuck in a car wheel rim last week, and the save is now earning the firefighters some extra attention. The 7-week-old pit bull puppy was out playing with his siblings at home when he somehow managed to get himself stuck in the wheel rim. The owner of the puppy revealed that car wheel rims were being stored on the patio of her home, but it isn't clear how the puppy managed to get his head stuck in the wheel rim. Fox News Now reported on the rescue of this pup on June 24.

R.J. is the name of this pup, and he belongs to Meagan Beeler. When she discovered the puppy stuck in the car wheel, she immediately drove him to the nearest fire station. That was Station 41, which is located in Kern County. The firefighters at the house had to work for 10 minutes to free the puppy. How did they manage to free the pup? With some vegetable oil and a lot of wiggling. Brandon Hill, a spokesman for the fire department, revealed that R.J. was not happy about the situation, but it wasn't long before he was running and playing again.

James Dowell, one of the firefighters from the fire station, did talk a bit more about the rescue. He said the following: "We put some vegetable oil on the dog's neck area and a couple guys, one guy held the tire, another guy held the skin and the ears back, and I pushed his head back through the rim. We thought at first we were going to have to cut the rim with some hydraulic tools but we wound up wanting to do that as a last resort."

The firefighters did post about the rescue on their Facebook page, and it has received a lot of attention since its posting. As of this morning, 1,245 have liked the posting that includes photos of the puppy before and after its rescue. R.J. does look happy to be free of the wheel in one of the photos. It is still not known how the puppy managed to get himself stuck in the first place though.

This is not the first puppy rescue the Kern County firefighters have made though. According to, the fire department has made several puppy rescues in the last two years, and they even rescued a group of seven puppies and found them good homes. Beeler definitely took her puppy to the right place it seems. R.J. is doing well after getting out of the tight situation. He is currently up for adoption with the rest of his siblings.

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