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Firefighters' puppy car wheel rescue photo goes viral: Pit bull free again

California firefighters freed a puppy from a car wheel and not surprisingly, the photo of the owner's pet dog has gone viral. The pit bull named Junior is back with his owner now. Alone, the dog rescue was newsworthy, but the firemen who helped the little fella out of a tight situation are not strangers to rescuing pets, this according to a June 24 Inquisitr report.

Firemen (file photo)
Photo by Alex Huckle/Getty Images

Firefighters in Bakersfield rescued a lucky pit bull, which was at the center of attention -- literally. While the dog played outside on the porch of its home, the owner was alerted to his whimpers.

Junior's owner arrived moments later and saw the puppy dog's head stuck inside the center of a chrome wheel hub stored on the porch. After several unsuccessful attempts, the pit bull's owner paused for a moment to capture a photo of the stuck puppy ( shown here) and raced the animal to a nearby firehouse.

There, a group of firemen tried to wiggle the frantic puppy out of the wheel that held it captive, to no avail. Next, they used a bit of cooking oil to lubricate the wheel. Lo and behold; this gave them enough leverage needed to free the trapped dog.

Apparently, the men at Firehouse 41 are no strangers to rescuing animals facing harrowing situations. Sources say back in April of 2012, a six-week-old puppy was freed from the hole of a tractor part. Earlier this year, they rescued an Australian puppy-mix after it became trapped inside a pipe. And again in 2012, the brave firefighters saved the lives of several puppies, including one that had to be resuscitated on the scene.

So the firefighters' puppy wheel rescue is the latest episode of their super heroics. Imagine that.

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