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Firefighters free puppy from car wheel: Free a puppy, 102 uses for vegetable oil

Puppies are inquisitive, curious and they love to explore, but one little puppy in Bakersfield poked his little head somewhere it didn’t belong and he found himself stuck. The baby pit bull pup was brought to the Kern County Fire Department by its owner because he had stuck his head through the hub of a car wheel and there was just no getting him out, according to on June 24.

Firefighters free a puppy who got its head stuck in a car wheel.
Kern County Fire Department / Facebook

The spokesperson for the Fire Department, Brandon Hill, said two firefighters didn’t need to use a high-tech device to get the puppy’s head out of the wheel hub. They used good old-fashioned vegetable oil as a lubricant and very carefully pulled the pup’s head out of the grip of the wheel, according to the Canada Journal today.

The picture of the puppy went viral and the Kern County firefighters said it was a 10 minute ordeal to get the puppy’s head dislodged from this wheel. Once they rubbed vegetable oil on the dog’s neck, one firefighter held the puppy’s ears and the skin back and the other firefighter pushed his head back through the rim, according to Canada Journal today. The puppy's head went out they way it came in.

The firefighters first discussed cutting the rim with hydraulic tools, but they waited to try the old-fashioned vegetable oil remedy first. The puppy’s rescue was posted on the Kern County Fire Department’s Facebook page and by Tuesday morning the picture had 1,256 in “likes” and it was shared 832 times.

It seems that the 101 uses for vegetable oil just got a new use added, and the puppy, who wasn’t harmed through the ordeal, is a happy little fellow to be free. The little guy’s name is Junior. Once he was disconnected from the wheel, he went back to his Bakersfield home with his owner to be reunited with his seven brothers and sisters.

You have to admit the little guy above is adorable, although he does look as if he is confused about what is going on. Firefighters get cats out of trees, they have taken little feline and canine heads out of jars and now they have a new one to add to their puppy rescue stories. They also have a new tool for tight rescues, vegetable oil!

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