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Firefighters Excellence Earns Chap Oscar's RESPECT

Prayer Works!
Prayer Works!
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

NATIONWIDE From my perspective firefighters operate in a spirit of excellency when a fire breaks out here in America. They deliver a combination of quality, pride and a willingness to sacrifice their lives for others lives every day. From my humble position as a CISM Chaplain who focuses on Life Safety in the home they deserve my RESPECT and sincere THANKS! Growing up in New York I've seen my share of home fires and fatalities and many friends and perhaps a few relatives lost their lives in the World Trade Center 9-11 Event my heart goes out to each firefighter because today their job is still dangerous. I am told that the ranks of volunteer firefighters are shrinking and the career firefighters are increasing. The burden in small towns for fire protection from volunteers is growing and today the impact on all areas of firefighting is more than just spraying water. Here in Nashville, TN the past several fire events required knowledge about hazardous materials, propane and other gases. In many areas the concern is on terrorist attacks, explosive devices, and hydrogen powered cars and trucks that are now on the road. This training takes money that most municipalities do not have in the budgets. I had no idea what a single self contained breathing gear for firefighting cost do you? They are right at $5,000 and a fire truck costs right at $400,000.

This is not in any way but a pretty solid guess that last year alone over 100 firefighters died fighting fires and thousands more injured trying to protect us. Fire department responses has jumped to well over 3.6 million right here in America. Medical related responses has jumped up as well.

As a Chaplain it is my desire to see each of us give the utmost respect when we hear a siren and pull over immediately after all we may have a situation where they just may be rushing to our home or to a friend or other loved one. The call to unceasing prayer for all of our EMTs, Police and Firefighters is for us as a community to not have a divided consciousness but let us join in a PRAYER FOR OUR CIVIL SERVANTS.

Father, we bring our whole community of men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives protecting our lives and our homes to you today. We remember that the shortest distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between our knees and the floor. What an honor to let these Proud Servants know we care and together we ask for a hedge of protection as they work to keep us safe. AMEN


Chaplain Oscar Smith,