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Firefighters Called Over Fireplace DVD

Writing on the subject of Nashville TV leaves us wondering at times what to write about next. We know of several folks in the Nashville area who may think this is weird instance of news about TV, but we can envision just how this might happen, and after some of the crazy things we've seen online lately, we wonder sometimes just how ridiculous some folks can be. This fits in the category of 'strange news', indeed.

After we found this video on 'Firefighters Called Over Fireplace DVD', we were reminded of an instance when someone we know called the emergency 911 number for the firefighters to respond to a local restaurant, over what appeared to be a fire at a local barbecue joint. When the emergency operator asked, is this the barbecue place, and the answer was yes, the question was solved, as it was simply the smokestack of the barbecue which appeared to be shooting out flames at top of the smokestack.

After you watch the attached video, leave us a note and let us know what you think about it.

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