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Firefighters battle blaze at haunted hotel in Ohio

The Goucher Haunted Hotel caught on fire and has extensive water damage
The Goucher Haunted Hotel caught on fire and has extensive water damage
Photos courtesy of Facebook

Ohio firefighters battled a structure fire that broke out at the Goucher Haunted Hotel yesterday afternoon. According to a Facebook post from the Toronto Coalition For Revitalization last night, the majority of the damage was caused by water.

The fire started yesterday afternoon around 3:30 pm at the Goucher Haunted Hotel in Toronto, Ohio. The Toronto Fire Department arrived within minutes to battle the blaze. Firefighters had the fire out in under an hour but the hotel suffered from extensive water damage. No one was hurt in the fire.

According to fire department officials, the blaze started from a crew that was doing work in the attic with a blowtorch. The state fire marshal believes that a rubber-like substance caught on fire.

"We had a little fire today. Thank goodness no one was hurt! We would like to thank the Toronto Fire Department and Police Department for all of their hard work today to save our beloved building. It is heartwarming to see all of the concern, outpouring of support and prayers that everyone is offering. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We have some fire damage but ALOT of water damage. The extent of damage is still being determined. Our building has been broken but our spirits aren't! We will rise from our ashes and God willing will open this year! Thank you again everyone for your thoughts and well wishes!" a representative of the hotel said on Facebook.

The 30-room building recently had major renovations and its roof redone in May. Most of the damage occurred in the attic and to the roof.

"Many of you might already be aware that a fire broke out Tuesday afternoon at the Goucher Haunted Hotel at Fourth & Clark streets. A majority of the damage to the interior was caused by water. Damage to the building is being accessed by the state fire marshal and insurance company. Fortunately, there were no injuries to those who were working when the fire broke out. The roof was in the process of being totally replaced and new windows were recently installed in the front upstairs," a representative of Toronto Coalition For Revitalization posted on Facebook a few hours ago.

The Goucher Hotel first opened its doors in 1895 and was built and operated by Samuel B. Goucher. The hotel had fine dining, a ballroom, shops in the storefront on the street level, a barbershop, and a bank.

Many people believe that the building is cursed and haunted. During construction of the hotel, workers suffered from serious injuries and accidents, and one masonry laborer fell from the top of the building and died. Shortly after the grand opening, Goucher's wife and daughter, along with six guests, and a bellhop were killed when the cables of the elevator snapped sending the car crashing to the basement.

The grief stricken owner soon closed down the luxury hotel and became a recluse, never leaving the building for nearly five decades. After taking his last breath, Goucher whispered “I will never leave my home” to his brother George while on his death bed.

The Goucher Hotel is located at 241 North 4th Street in Toronto, Ohio. For tour information call 740-537-0235 or visit the hotel's website.

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