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Firefighter uses beer to put out fire: Coors snuffs out flaming truck tire

You’ve probably heard of fighting fire with fire, but fighting fire with beer is something a true beer lover might call alcohol abuse! Call it what you will, but when an off-duty firefighter had to extinguish a fire and with little resources at hand he reached for a beer, or a bunch of them for that matter.

Firefighter uses beer to put out a fire, Coors beer that is.

According to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday Jan 12, when an off-duty firefighter came across and 18-wheeler with its tire on fire alongside the highway, he stopped to help. The driver had a fire extinguisher on board his rig, but it wasn't working. As the flames fanned up, the firefighter assessed the possibilities, reports Time News.

Captain Craig Moreau of the Houston Fire Department asked the driver what he was hauling in the truck. When the driver told him beer, Moreau and the driver then grabbed a few beers and started shaking them.

The two used the spray coming out of the now shaken cans of beer to put the fire out once and for all. No one was hurt in the incident. Some quick thinking on the part of the firefighter saved the rig from any further damage.

What kind of beer put the fire out? Coors Banquet Beer was what the driver was hauling and it worked well to extinguish the fire.

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