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Firefighters save young puppy with her head stuck in a tire

Firefighters are usually heroes for rescuing cats out of trees but the firefighters at Houston’s Station 51 were the saviors to a puppy who had somehow become stuck in a tire. Associated Press was on hand to record the men struggle through various methods for removing the puppy, whose head was somehow wedged through the center of the tire.

According to the firefighters on Aug. 25, a good Samaritan dropped the puppy and tire off at the station after she had located the black lab mix next to a dumpster at her apartment. In all it took the men over an hour to try to free the puppy from its position. At first, they attempted to use lubrication to free the tiny dog’s head.

"We tried to put soap on the side of its head, wet its head slide it out. It wouldn't come out.", said Senior Capt. Gregory Leonard, who led the rescue effort. In the video, the men bring out a fire house and wet down the black puppy’s neck. The puppy made it evident that solution wasn’t working with her squeals as they tried to wiggle the puppy loose.

The next option was not shown in the video, but the firefighters turned to their tools to cut away at the tire to free her neck. Click2Houston reports that they first tried using a saw, but the puppy was frightened by the vibrations. In the end, it was the Jaw of Life—the same tools firefighters would use to free a person from a car— that set this puppy free. Leonard notes that everyone was very careful around the puppy’s neck, because he says any pressure could have killed her.

The video shows just how careful they were by showing how much work they put into cutting away at the tire. It appears they cut around the outer edge of the tire and then slowly worked their way to the center, where they pried the metal back to free the young dog’s neck. In the end, the sweet girl looks traumatized but happy to be in the firefighters’ care. According to Leonard, the firefighters have named the puppy Lugnut, which they found appropriate considering her situation when she was brought to them.

So far, there’s been no mention of whether the men will keep the pup as their firehouse dog or if she will be put up for adoption. At least in the meantime she knows she’s in the good and loving hands of her saviors.

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