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Firefighter Helps Accident Victims – Handcuffed by California Highway Patrol Cop

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Everyone in the room all say it together: “Only in California can a firefighter be arrested while giving aid and comfort to accident victims by a cop at a crash site.” Yet, according to CBS Los Angeles, a Chula Vista fire fighter responded to a crash site in order to give aid to the victims of the crash and was cuffed instead.

California Highway Patrol officer thought that it was more important that the fire fighter move his fire truck and park it instead of continuing to provide aid to the accident victims. Fortunately for the fireman, CBS News 8 cameras were rolling and captured the entire seemingly moronic unprofessional actions of the CHP cop.

The CHP officer continued to insist that 12 year veteran fire fighter Jacob Gregoire, move the fire rig, until the officer decided that refusing to follows his order to park the fire truck was too much for his impatient mind to handle. The cop cuffed him and placed the fire fighter in the back of his squad car while still apparently worrying about who was going to park that big fire rig.

It appears that the CHP officer did not understand the basic response rules that his own training should have provided him. It is standard procedure for first responders to block the lanes in order to protect the lives of accident victims as well as responders.

Orange County Fire Authority Captain Steve Concialdi defended their vehicle blocking of the accident scene by the heroic fire fighter. He told CBS2 ,The protocol for the fire department is to protect the scene. When we arrive on these traffic accidents cars are going at a high rate of speed especially at night. We will block lanes to protect our firefighters and our paramedics.”

Fire Fighter Jacob Gregoire’s boss, Chula Vista Fire Chief Dave Hanneman, boss concurred with Captain Steve Concialdi’s comments by stressing, “Fire crews are trained to position their rigs to block oncoming traffic,reported U-T San Diego.

The onlookers including the television crew had to be as stunned as Gregoire was in seeing himself arrested for doing his duty. As he was led to the cop car he remarked with disbelief, “It’s unbelievable you guys have to treat us like this. We are trying to help you guys,” according to CBS Los Angeles.

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