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Firefighter arrested on drug charges

Washington, D.C. firefighter Lt. Henry Dent was arrested March 7 in St. Mary's County for fraudulent prescriptions he received at various locations. There are other bad apples in the department who have also been arrested on various charges.

Henry Dent, 35, a Lieutenant firefighter in Washington, D.C., was arrested in St. Mary’s County last Friday for fraudulent prescriptions at drug counters. News sources have also reported another firefighter was arrested earlier that week.

Washington, D.C. news station WUSA9 reported what police picked up during Dent’s arrest –

Police say they recovered 47 "Oxycodone" pills, 18 additional fraudulent prescriptions in various stages of completion, and six empty prescription bottles obtained from other pharmacies in Calvert County, Prince George's County and D.C. from the suspect and his vehicle. Police also recovered electronic evidence including a laptop, thumb drive and a tablet, officials said.

The fire department in the District is also having major issues like the police department. NBC4 Washington had this to say –

Since October, at least 13 members of DC Fire & EMS have been arrested for various charges. Twelve are either on administrative leave or in the process of being dismissed. The other has resigned.

"There have been a number of firefighters recently who have been arrested, and it's at a level now that we have to take a different approach to this," Deputy Mayor Paul Quander said.

The charges include DUI, domestic violence, illegal firearms, drugs, selling stolen goods and sexual assault.

"We understand our first responders are under stress," Ward 6 Council member Tommy Wells said. "It's never an excuse, but we understand there may be substance abuse, domestic violence."

The person in charge of the fire/EMS department, Kenneth Ellerbe, is also in hot water due to the fact that two D.C. Council members, Tommy Wells and Mary Cheh, want him and Paul Quander to resign.

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