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Fired nanny refuses to leave; family turns to Facebook for help

The Bracamontes are fighting to be home alone
The Bracamontes are fighting to be home alone
Marcella Bracamonte's Facebook phage

It’s a scene that could have been lifted straight out of Tyler Perry’s hit TV show “The Haves and the Have Nots”. On the show, both Jim and Katheryn (the husband and wife characters of the wealthy and powerful Cryer family) have often told their maid Celine that she is fired, but she refuses to leave. Well CNN reported today that an Upland, California, family has fired their nanny Diane Stretton, 64, and Stretton refuses to move out.

Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte said they hired Stretton as a nanny on March 4. She was supposed to help with the children and also pitch in with chores around the house in exchange for room and board. The Bracamontes followed the usual protocols of caution and investigated her background.

According to the Bracamontes, the results came back clean, and Stretton moved in and went to work. Marcella said that things went fine for a time and then in May, for no apparent reason, one day Stretton just stopped doing anything. Whenever she was home, she stayed locked up in her room.

The Bracamontes tried to reason with her, but to no avail. On June 6, fed up with the situation, Mrs. Bracamonte fired Stretton. Stretton wouldn’t leave the home, so the Bracamontes called the Upland Police Department. They were shocked and dismayed when the police told them that they couldn’t simply boot Stretton out or change the locks. Instead, they would have to initiate litigation through the court system to formally evict her.

According to Sgt. Don Dodt of the Upland Police Department, “once someone has established a residency in a home, the landlord or owner of the property must go to court to get the person evicted.” Stretton took full advantage of the news. Mrs. Bracamonte said Stretton went as far as threatening to sue the family if they didn’t turn on the air conditioner when she wanted. She also, allegedly, wrote a letter demanding that the family not be home during certain hours during the day so that she could enjoy some privacy.

While the Bracamontes are in the process of legally evicting Stretton, Mrs. Bracamonte has taken to social media to drive Stretton out. She called for help from friends by posting on her Facebook page, "I need help! I need A TON OF FRIENDS TO COME STAY AND HANG WITH ME AT MY HOUSE! Sleep in the living room all spread out to annoy her!" That may have been just the push the ex-nanny needed because the Bracamontes say she was not home on Friday.

The case is still in the very early stages, but the Bracamontes have found one thing that just might sway things in their favor. Stretton is on “California Courts' Vexatious Litigant List, a list of people who continually bring legal action, regardless of merit, against others with the sole intention of harassment.” Score one for the home team.

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