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Fired deputy speaks out about killing of farmer's dog

Fired deputy, Dooley
Fired deputy, Dooley
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The disgraced and highly-criticized Rains County sheriff's deputy who lost his job after shooting a Texas dairy farmer's cattle dog, has spoken out about what happened with WFAA News 8.

Former deputy Jarrod Dooley gave a tearful interview to the news station, telling the reporter that he did not want to shoot "Candy." Dooley stated:

I tried, but I didn't think I could get away from her,"

I told her to get back, she wouldn't get back... And I fired two shots."

The two shots fired by Dooley did not immediately kill the two-year-old fact, Candy's guardian, Cole Middleton, pleaded with the deputy to finish what he had started so that the dog would not continue to suffer, but Dooley refused. Candy's traumatized owner was forced to end her life himself.

Dooley was fired from his job on Thursday and he will never be able to work in law enforcement there again. His personal life is in shambles as well. Dooley stated:

I can’t go to the grocery store without being recognized, pointed at, laughed at,"

Can't pay my water bill without hearing my name, saying 'There's the sorry cop that killed the dog.'

He also spoke about his remorse, stating:

I wish I could take his hurt away,"

I can't begin to imagine how bad it hurt. I hear her yelp every night before I go to bed. There's probably not a minute that goes by that I don't think about it. I'd give anything to walk up to him, hug his neck, try to make his pain go away. I know I'll never get that chance."

Candy had been Middleton's constant companion and working partner and he is devastated over her loss.

Click here to watch the interview.

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