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Fireballs being seen all over the world - Internet abuzz "ISON debris field"

Saudi Arabia Fireball
Saudi Arabia Fireball

On January 16th 2014 at 7:00 pm, two meteors flew in tandem over 186 thousand miles across Saudi Arabia from east to the west with reports coming in from Germany and across the middle East. The fireball possibly crashed into the red sea from eye witness reports.

Meteor was estimated to have weighed up to 2 million pounds (1000 tons) and entered atmosphere at over 34 thousand miles per hour!

Social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are abuzz with talk of ISON debris field and NASA covering up the nature of the many FIREBALLS being seen all over the world in the last few months. Blogger and radio show host PS at the CTN has been keeping a database of these incoming meteors with footage from Youtube and Facebook.

Links below will show how many meteors have been witnessed in the last few months:

Meteor footage 1

Meteor footage 2

Meteor footage 3

Meteor footage 4

Meteor footage 5

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