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Firearms trainer interviews at 2014 SHOT Show

Running the range at a snub nose revolver class.
Running the range at a snub nose revolver class.

Each year, the SHOT Show is the largest gathering of the firearms industry and related industries. However, SHOT is not just about product. A great deal of networking also takes place at the Show. Almost every firearms trainer in the industry attends SHOT.

The training community often bemoans the fact that most firearms owners either don’t take training or take only the required minimum. SHOT Show 2014 then provided a venue for interviewing a group of trainers about why they think training has value and what they personally work on with their students.

To conduct the interviews in a methodical way, each interview consisted of the same seven questions. The trainers were allowed to express themselves however succinctly or gregariously they wished. In all, 20 trainers were interviewed. Some are very well known, while others are up and comers or very low profile. Several female trainers were also included, as was one medical emergency trainer. Each trainer’s interview will be written up individually in this series. At the conclusion of the series, a final summation of the trainers’ commonalities will be presented.

Here are the questions that were asked:

  1. What is the value of training?
  2. Why did you become a trainer?
  3. What is the emphasis of your class(es)?
  4. Who is your market?
  5. What do YOU do to train/practice?
  6. How would you describe your training philosophy?
  7. Why should people take training?

Hopefully, the interviews will provide the public at large a better perspective on why firearms trainers do what they do and how firearms owners can benefit from training.

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