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Firearms trainer interview – Nikki Turpeaux

We interviewed Nikki Turpeaux at SHOT Show 2014 about firearms training. She is the founder, owner, and CEO of Archangel Tactical. Nikki is an NRA Instructor and graduate of the elite Rogers Shooting School.

Nikki Turpeaux

She is originally from Texas and is a former Miss Houston. After she moved to Atlanta in 2007, she founded Archangel Tactical because of the amount of violent crime against women she saw. Nikki has also been the star of several firearms DVDs from Personal Defense Network and Panteao Productions.

We asked Nikki seven questions about training and what it means to her.

1) What is the value of training?
Training establishes a knowledgebase for students to develop a more competent skillset. It also helps them develop goals to achieve their personal best.

2) Why did you become a trainer?
There was a lack of competent women trainers in my areas who focused on teaching practical self defense skills.

3) What is the emphasis of your class?
a. I educate my students about survival mindset.
b. It’s important for me to create an environment that is comfortable and relatable to women.
c. Archangel highlights the importance of continuing personal defense training, not just shooting.

4) Who is your market?
Private citizens; females, males, families, business professionals, and youth.

5) What do YOU do to train/practice?
Reading, both books and news articles about criminal attacks, is key to my ongoing development. I also work on physical application of my skills, both firearms and hands-on. Whenever I can, I train with other instructors and explore other curriculums.

6) How would you describe your training philosophy?
My philosophy is to take an honest, realistic perspective of responsibility, commitment, and efficiency.

7) Why should people take training?
Without it, they may be setting themselves up for failure by having a false sense of security. They should know what they’re capable of, which is difficult to do on your own. Training should be the lifeblood of a shooter’s desire to be better.

We appreciate Nikki taking the time to talk with us about this important topic.

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