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Firearms trainer interview – Kandi Blick

We interviewed Kandi Blick at SHOT Show 2014 about firearms training. She is a former US Marine, was a Rangemaster at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, and an Instructor at Defensive Firearms Training. Kandi has competed in both USPSA and Bianchi Cup competitions at the National level. She is a self-described die hard Second Amendment supporter.

Kandi Blick

We asked Kandi seven questions about training and what it means to her.

1) What is the value of training?
Training is a lifestyle, not just a day or weekend at the range. Our emotions give us drive and determination to be better every day. The word Bushido literally means "military scholar road" and I think training represents the steps we take on that road.

2) Why did you become a trainer?
The US Marine Corps taught me responsibility. I wanted to help others to participate in my and their passions.

3) What is the emphasis of your class?
Defensive mindset is a primary component. I endeavor to instill the ‘will to win,’ which in my mind means walk away from an encounter with a good quality of life, not just survive. To give them context, I paint a picture of situations and solutions for my clients. The "Piece-It-Together" women's curricula I developed include the full spectrum of self defense skills that females might need; safety, mindset, awareness, firearms, pepper spray, knives, evasion, and hand to hand/ground skills .

4) Who is your market?
I have trained both men and women extensively. Some of my most rewarding experiences have been training mother-daughter teams and survivors of violence in the “Piece-It-Together” programs.

5) What do YOU do to train/practice?
I shoot whenever I can. Because I travel a lot, I also do a lot of dryfire. Training with Taran Butler and at the elite Rogers Shooting School really sharpened my game.

Beyond shooting education and practice, I enjoy Lumosity to sharpen my overall mental game. It’s important for me to keep my critical thinking and analytical skills as sharp as my shooting skills.

6) How would you describe your training philosophy?
We need to own the fundamentals and then add creativity to apply those fundamentals to our own particular situation. It’s important to be students of our craft. The way a student becomes a Master is to remain a student.

7) Why should people take training?
Training fuels our passion for excellence. And, a ‘scholar’ needs to be educated. Being truly responsible as a Nation of gunowners includes all the words of the Second Amendment. At the time of our country’s birth, “well regulated” meant ‘trained.’

We appreciate Kandi taking the time to talk with us about this important topic. She can be contacted by email.

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