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Firearms trainer interview – Dave Harrington

We interviewed Dave ‘SuperDave’ Harrington at SHOT Show 2014 about firearms training. He is the President of Combatspeed LLC, located in Tampa, Florida. Dave was the senior weapons instructor at JFK Special Warfare School at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina and spent 16 years in Special Forces. Many of the most elite counter terrorist professionals trained under Harrington at the Special Warfare Center. He has also made four DVDs about shooting for Panteao Productions.

We asked SuperDave seven questions about training and what it means to him.

1) What is the value of training?
Training builds confidence in your ability to problem solve.

2) Why did you become a trainer?
I had the ability to break down the components of effective shooting. Then, I was able to convey and articulate those components to others.

3) What is the emphasis of your class?
Teaching people how to pay attention to what’s important and to establish their priorities are the cornerstones of my training methodology.

4) Who is your market?
Anyone who has the desire and willingness to apply themselves, regardless of the reason for their motivation, is welcome in my classes.

5) What do YOU do to train/practice?
I never turn down a shooting opportunity, including shooting a lot of matches. Dryfire is an integral part of my practice regimen.

6) How would you describe your training philosophy?
Even the smallest things can be important, so it’s important not to ignore minute details. Shooters have to have the ability to pay attention in order to extract positive from the negative. Even the best shooters make mistakes and have bad performances; the important thing is to determine what can be done to improve from a negative performance.

7) Why should people take training?
Competence is critical to responsible ownership. Unlike in the military, civilians and police must seek out their own education.

We appreciate SuperDave taking the time to talk with us about this important topic. His next open enrollment class will be May 16-18 at the Pelham Fish & Game Club in Pelham, NH.

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