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Firearms trainer interview – Caleb Causey

Caleb Causey
Lone Star Medics

We interviewed Caleb Causey at SHOT Show 2014 about medical training for the firearms community. He is the Owner/Director of Training of Lone Star Medics. Caleb was a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army. He has also served as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT and a Tactical Medic with local area SWAT team. Caleb holds numerous national and Texas medical certifications.

We asked Caleb seven questions about training and what it means to him.

1) What is the value of training?
What is the value of knowledge? It’s hard to put a measure on it. You also get to hang out with like-minded people, which is a lot of fun.

2) Why did you become a trainer?
I was doing a lot of shooting with friends and they encouraged me to develop a 1st Aid course that would be useful to the shooting community.

3) What is the emphasis of your class?
On the medical side, I teach why we apply medical techniques, when we apply them, and how to apply them. The courses are not designed to teach someone how to be a medic but rather how to perform aggressive first aid to those whom, without immediate stabilization, might not survive until professional rescuers arrive.

On the operational side, I teach Scene Safety. Don’t become part of the problem. Go home, if necessary.

4) Who is your market?
Mostly non-professional rescuers, laypeople, medically speaking. Some doctors also attend because it’s a different kind of medicine than most doctors practice.

5) What do YOU do to train/practice?
Teaching classes is incredibly valuable to me from the training perspective. My students provide my learning environment. I see many different ways that people can perceive and execute instructions, which really educates me on how people learn.

6) How would you describe your training philosophy?
I believe in learning by doing. First see a technique, then do the technique, finally teach the technique. Those who can teach well are very well skilled.

7) Why should people take training?
Why wouldn’t you? Who doesn’t want to know how to do things better?

We appreciate Caleb taking the time to talk with us about this important topic. A class schedule is located on his website.

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