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Fire up your classic

Vintage motorcycle races are popular all over the world.
Vintage motorcycle races are popular all over the world.
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

It is time to dust-off, tune-up, and take your classic out of the garage to the track. That is right, the race track. USCRA (United States Classic Racing Association) events happen at tracks all across the nation from May until October and allow owners of vintage racing motorcycles to test their machines.

The USCRA started in 1981, ironically racing motorcycles from the 1970's which were not that old. This did not stop the USCRA from exploding in popularity and creating multiple stand-alone events ever since 1981. The best part is that USCRA members are invited to participate in as many events as they wish and they have an active camera crew to snap photos perfect for your garage.

It must be a very cool feeling to zoom around a track on a motorcycle that is thirty, forty, or even fifty years old. Classic motorcycle racing is a must have on every enthusiasts bucket list.

Information about membership and upcoming events can be found on USCRA website: