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Fire up the grill before summer fades

Tips for better grilling
Tips for better grilling
Cristine Struble

With the warm temperatures and sunny skies, grilling up a delicious meal is summer tradition. Gathering with friends or sharing a romantic dinner for two, a grilled meal can be a taste of summer. Both experienced grillers and those who fear the flame can appreciate a few pointers to make their meals even more delicious.

Here are a few tips for grilled perfection every time.

Season it

When it comes to cooking, seasoning is key to a well prepared meal. A simple dash of salt and pepper can make all the difference in a dish. Keep a salt and pepper mill at the ready. Peugeot offers a wide variety of quality salt and pepper mill. These mills offer stylish presentation on the table and quality functionality in the kitchen. The flavor difference from using a quality salt and pepper grinder can be seen in the results. When using a salt grinder remember to use dry, course salts like a rock salt.

Watch the temp

No one wants undercooked or over cooked food. When the beverages are flowing and the conversation is gregarious, hovering over the grill can be a bore. Luckily several thermometers offer connections to your smart phone. For example, iDevices offer a grill thermometer that gives alerts when the food is at a particular temperature. No more excuses for food being incorrectly cooked.

Cut to perfection

Any good grill master understands a key component to tasty meat is keeping the juices inside. Cut the meat too soon and all the flavor and goodness oozes out of the grilled meat. The Architec Housewares Concave Cutting Board is the solution to keeping meat succulent.

The Architec Housewares Concave Cutting Board has an unique design featuring a concave center which helps keeps the flavor in the meat through the design. The center reservoir holds up to 1/4 cup of liquid to keep meats juicy. The Gripper technology on the bottom keeps the cutting board still while slicing through the meat.While this cutting board can't control when the user cuts the meat, it can help keep all the juices pooled under the meat itself.

Toast the food

With any good meal, the guests need a delicious beverage. Uncork a bottle of wine to pair with the dinner. The Smart Touch Wine Opener makes for simple opening of any bottle. With just two fingers to turn, a bottle of wine is opened effortlessly. The twist and turn action means no broken cork. Plus, with a clip-in foil cutter, this wine opener gets any bottle open quickly and efficiently.

When considering a bottle of wine, fruit forward flavors are easily paired with food. Cupcake Vineyards offers several varietals that can appeal to a variety of guests. From a light, effervescent Moscato to a robust Cabernet Sauvignon, the affordable wine means that many bottles can be on hand for the evening.

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