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Fire-starters from recycled materials

Supplies needed:
Cardboard roll
Dryer Lint
Magazine page or wrapping paper
Supplies needed: Cardboard roll Dryer Lint Magazine page or wrapping paper

                                 Decorative Firestarters

 This is a wonderful and decorative way to create a Fire-starter out of recycled materials.  They are easy to create and can be used to start fires in a fireplace, BBQ, fire pit or any other place that you need to.

Sometimes actually lighting a fire can be a challenge.  When using paper or twigs they do not always stay lit long enough to actually ignite logs or heavy wood.  Although store bought starter sticks and logs tend to get the job done, they are often wrought with chemicals.  Why not create your own eco-friendly fire-starter out of the trash you have around the house. 

These starter sticks are quick to make and stay lit for a long time.  They can be made using paper towel rolls, wrapping paper rolls, toilet paper rolls or any other cardboard tube you can find.   They can be wrapped in any kind of paper, magazines pages or even in wrapping paper for a festive look.  If you choose not to wrap them at all, newspaper can be inserted in each end and then waxed over, as per the instructions in the slideshow.   You might choose to make a decorative collection and keep them displayed in a basket by the fireplace for convenience.  When starting a fire, light one end of the fire-starter and place underneath the wood to be lit.  Sit back and enjoy!

 Just a word of caution: Because lint is very flammable, it is important to save it in a fireproof container,   preferably one made out of metal or glass.


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