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Fire on Carnival Splendor a Concern for VH1 Best Cruise Ever Guests?

Guests crowd the Lido deck to watch John Mayer perform on the Mayercraft Carrier II cruise
Guests crowd the Lido deck to watch John Mayer perform on the Mayercraft Carrier II cruise
Photo by Donna Kent,

News of the ill-fated voyage of the Carnival Splendor that left cruise guests stranded at sea for nearly four days has traveled fast. After a fire broke out last Monday in the engine room of the cruise ship, crippling its power and cutting access to vital services such as working toilets and hot food, the Splendor sat adrift off the coast of Mexico with crews unable to restore power. Once tugboats towed the injured ship back to land on Thursday--three uncomfortable days later--guests began telling their stories of being fed mayo sandwiches amidst an odor of overflowing toilets.

Are cruisers who reserved cabins on the upcoming VH1 Best Cruise Ever concerned? Naturally, some are. What they may not know is that the Splendor was the same ship that hosted the Mayercraft Carrier II several years ago. This voyage was a music cruise featuring pop icon John Mayer and produced by Sixthman, the same affinity travel company organizing the VH1 cruise this April.

When asked if this incident raises concerns for the VH1 cruise scheduled to set sail from Tampa, Fl., this April, Andy Levine, CEO and Founder of Sixthman, said, “We have spoken to executives from several cruise lines about this incident and the feedback has been unanimous that this is the first time that anyone can remember of a ship losing complete power without being able to restore it quickly. Carnival has assured us that they are learning from this experience and checking to see how this may impact the fleet. We have total confidence in them to look out for our guests' safety.”

As veteran VH1 Best Cruise Ever guest Kimberly Sorrell put it, “There are worse things than being stranded at sea with my favorite band.”

What do you think, cruisers? Does this recent incident on board the Carnival Splendor raise concerns for you? Share your thoughts!


  • Robin 4 years ago

    The Carnival Splendor only hosted Mayercraft Carrier 2 and departed from California. Mayercraft Carrier 1 was hosted by the Carnival Victory and departed from Florida. Both were great cruises!

  • Profile picture of Donna Kent
    Donna Kent 4 years ago

    Robin, you're absolutely right! I was on both cruises, and my memory failed me on that detail. Thank you so much for the correction. I really appreciate it, and I agree that those cruises were so much fun.

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