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Fire Mountian Gems Dutch Auction a fun experience for bargain minded beaders

Fire Mountain Dutch Auction Selections
Fire Mountain Dutch Auction Selections
K. Cox

Sometimes it seems like beaders primarily fall into two categories. The first category is a focused crafter with a good stock of basic supplies and tools. These beaders will spend hours looking for the perfect bead/beads or focals for a specific project. The second category of beaders have a very different approach. In a bead store or at a bead show they browse and are likely to buy a variety of must have beads that speak to them, with no particular project in mind. The beads themselves are the inspiration for the projects as opposed to a part of a pre-conceived plan.

The project based crafter gets their satisfaction out of finding individual treasures. The latter crafters are the ones more likely to have an abundance of beads, lots of ideas, with their eyes being bigger than their time and ideas of ways to consume all their special stock. They enjoy the hunt, but get a lot of pleasure out of the beads themselves as well as what they might create with them.

If you are one of these beaders, you may well have discovered the impressive array of beads and beading supplies available at Fire Mountain Gems, enhanced with its assortable quantity discounts. But for even more fun you should consider participating in one of its Dutch Auctions. This auction offers an ecclectic variety of products for a percentage off the original price. Each week, while supplies last, the percentage off increases. The current auction is in its final week, with over 5000 items offered at 80% off.

Available products range from plastic pony beads to gemstone beads, jewelry display items to handbags, focals to finished jewelry, freshwater pearls to macrame shell bracelets. Prices range from 10 cents to sixteen dollars. Another benefit is your ability to reach even the highest discount level (200 items) without breaking the bank, allowing you to get some really exceptional discounts on non-sale items. For instance a single pair of sterling earwires might list for almost eleven dollars, but with the top discount they might be purchased for less than six dollars.

If you are the second kind of beader you will enjoy the browsing even if you aren't inspired to purchase anything. If you are the first type of beader, who knows, maybe you will still find that perfect item and for a bargain price as well. But if you are interested in the current auction, you need to hurry, as these prices will go away on August 4.

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