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Fire Hydrant Colors And Water Flow

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Fire hydrants are devices or source of water supply that can be found in all suburban, rural, and urban areas in city's, county's, and metro areas around the United States of America.

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A fire hydrant is usually connected to a water supply such as a municipal water service, federal, state, county, or in some cases a area water tower.

Fire hydrants are usually used by municipal street sweepers, sewage workers, contractors, and by firefighters who use fire hydrants to hook into to supply water to a engine pumper fire truck so firefighters can extinguish fires through the city or county they serve.

Most fire hydrants around the country are usually inspected by paid firefighters or voluntary firefighters that are assigned to a pacific area located on a map that determines what fire hydrants they are to inspect.

When fire hydrants are inspected by firefighters a report is usually sent to their municipal water service if the fire hydrant will not turn on, hard to turn on, will not turn off, and if water does not flow out of the fire hydrant with enough water force to supply a sufficient amount of water to extinguish a fire.

It is usually the responsibility of the firefighters to inspect fire hydrants but it is usually the municipality responsibility to repair or replace fire hydrants that do not work properly and will not provide enough water supply or force to help firefighters have a sufficient amount of water to extinguish a fire.

Most Fire hydrants are usually painted different colors for a reason and most civilians don't have a clue what the color stands for or why they are painted.

Fire hydrants are painted different colors so when a firefighter hooks up to a fire hydrant, the firefighter and driver will know how much water will flow out of that fire hydrant.

Fire hydrants that has the top panted blue is supposed to flow1500 gallons per minute, a green top fire hydrant water flow is 1000-1499 gallons per minute, a orange top fire hydrant flows 500-999, and a red top fire hydrant flows 500 gallons or below.

Fire hydrants can be colored other colors to determine the fire hydrant flow or purpose of that particular fire hydrant depending on the industry, city, state, or municipality where fire hydrants are located.

Fire hydrants are also made in many different ways and types depending on the need or desired water flow of the area that the fire hydrant will supply water and fire protection.

The basic fire hydrants that are usually seen in city’s and counties are the fire hydrants that have two small connections and one big connection, two small connection fire hydrants, and a one connection fire hydrant.

The Nation Fire Protection Association has a set formula or standard for fire hydrant colors that is recommended for local, city, federal, industry, and state employees to follow for the color of paint that should be used when painting fire hydrant tops.

If you own a ranch, home or business and do not have a fire hydrant located at least 2000 foot from your dwelling or residence, you may want to consider calling the agency in your area that inspects, installs, maintains and replaces fire hydrants so you can protect your investment from fire damage or loss.