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Fire Destroys building on the campus at Houlka Attendance Center in Mississippi

Houlka Attendence Building
Houlka Attendence Building
Gerry Glenn Jones

As the 2014/2015 school season is set to begin next week, there will be many changes at the only Chickasaw County School District in the State of Mississippi. A fire destroyed one of the buildings on the campus of Houlka Attendance Center.. It was built in 1935, and presently housed several different elements of the school. For many years it was home to grades one through seven, but as things changed in the school system through the years, it took on more classes, and even housed part of the high school.

This writer attended the school when the destroyed section was only grades one through seven, and graduated from the high school in 1972. The high school was attached by only a canopy and concrete walkway to the elementary school. It had been a major part of many of the families of the area, and even gave the present Attorney General of the State of Mississippi, Jim Hood his elementary education. The present Chickasaw County School Superintendent, Betsy (Aron) Collums, as well as other superintendents attended and graduated from the high school there. According to officials at the school, other buildings will house the classrooms destroyed, and school is still scheduled to begin on August 6, 2014.

The cause of the blaze is still under investigation, and more information will follow as the investigation progresses. You can see the building as it stood in 2013, when this writer took a photo there. You can also see a video of the blaze and its destruction by visiting WTVA News.