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Fire and brimstone at Jerome Junction

Jerome Junction was once a busy railroad town near Jerome Arizona
Jerome Junction was once a busy railroad town near Jerome Arizona
Courtesy of Ghost

The Ghost City, otherwise known as Jerome, Arizona always gets the glory as the "wickedest town in the West", but the ghost town of Jerome Junction deserves a bit of recognition, too. It once served as the railroad stop between Prescott and Jerome. Established in 1894, Jerome Junction served the Santa Fe, Phoenix, and Prescott railroad for fifteen years.

When the Sante Fe railroad was built in Clarksdale, the train made its last run,and Jerome Junction became a ghost town. And, yes, Jerome Junction has its share of ghosts!

In September 1911, Reverend Fred Allen met his death as he entered his tent in Jerome Junction. Reverend Allen was instantly killed by a bolt of lightning. His death was the more dramatic by reason of the fact he held in his hand an open Bible which he had been reading when a rain shower came up. Not wanting to be drenched in the storm he stood up and headed into the tent. The shock was of such force that his body was thrown several feet. So much for preaching the old “fire and brimstone” from the good book!

Today all that remains of Jerome Junction are a few foundations and railroad equipment. The foundations appear to be the actual station and railroad junk. The old railroad bed, or part of it, is now the Chino Valley Peavine Trail. It is off limits to all motorized vehicles, but it is open to horses, bicycles and pedestrians.

Be sure to take pictures and not what remains on the property. Perhaps the energies left behind by Reverend Allen will 'grace' your photographs!

To get there: Take the old railroad bed all the way to Jerome—26 miles. Take E Perkinsville Road from SR-89 in Chino Valley. Turn left at Jerome Junction Road. The site appears to be on private property; however, it can be seen from the road

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