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Fiona's Challenge: Exercise with friends

Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women

Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women is having its second "Fiona's Challenge", a four-week team competition (members and non-members welcome) to get fit, lose weight and have fun. The deadline for entrance is February 1, 2010, so check it out soon!

Among the many free offerings that come with the competition is a once-a -week boot camp with a Healthworks trainer.  All teams at all locations compete with one another for the big prize (to be announced - last year's grand prize was a $1500 shopping spree at City Sports). Have no fear, though, the competition is based on attendance and improvement, so you don't have to be in top shape to get started.

Two of the greatest motivators to get in shape are working out with a buddy and friendly competition (you likely won't see much of the other teams face-to-face). This is a great combination of both, and it's also one of the cheapest ways to get fit.

There is no requirement to join Healthworks, though you will have access to many of the top-level facilities and trainers. If you have hesitated to join a gym in the past, give "Fiona's Challenge" a try. You will have friends urging you to show up, and an exercise plan waiting for you when you arrive. What could be simpler than that? (Remember, the deadline for applications is February 1st!)

See regular announcements on the Fiona's Challenge Blog.