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Finnish black metal hits Austin tomorrow

With a mercifully mild summer upon us for once, it is safe to walk the streets of Austin and bathe in the hellfire of a two-headed monster showcase at Red 7 this week. Chaos in Tejas' own Timmy Hefner brings us Finnish black metal demons Behexen on Tuesday, July 1st, and Sargeist on Wednesday, July 2nd.

Behexen and Sargeist at Red 7
Timmy Hefner

Both shows are exclusive area showings for the respective acts, and debut appearances besides. It's all good old minor-key black metal, replete with leather, spikes, and corpse paint, they way it was intended before hordes of American neckbeards confused the issue. Mr. Hefner shrewdly booked only two openers on each show, since Austinites never turn out to shows before 10pm for some stupid reason. Then again, there's not much to complain about when you've got the likes of Hod, Morbosidad, Sturmgewehr, and Tenessee's Ritual Decay kicking off these two blistering evenings.

It says a lot that this reporter finds himself repeatedly saying that you don't see a lineup like this every day, as Austin continues to get rarefied shows that you'll hate yourself for missing. So what if it's the middle of the week? July 4th is this Friday, so just plan to tough work out on Thursday and then spend the holiday in a coma. What better way to celebrate your independence?

Tickets are sold separately, some assembly required. There is a slight discount for presale purchases, so get in on that while you still can!

The lineups:

Tuesday, July 1st


Wednesday, July 2nd

Ritual Decay

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