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Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes; U.S. follows trend

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For the past seventy-five years, expectant mothers in Finland have been sent home with a box for their newborn. This box is much like a baby starter kit containing clothes, sheets, and even toys. Since 1930 this box has a dual purpose. Other items included in the box are a sleeping bag, outdoor gear, and even bathing products. The bottom of the box contains a small mattress which turn the box into their first bed; providing a safe environment for sleeping.

The BBC states that this bed has helped Finland to “achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.” The tradition box was designed to give all mothers a start with raising an infant, no matter what their background or how much money they made. This allowed for all children to have the same start in life.

This gift box is provided to all mothers as a gift from the Finnish government. Finnish mothers have the choice of picking the box or a cash grant equal to 140 Euros. 95% of mothers take the box, according to the BBC.

While there is no baby sleeping box provided to expectant mothers in the United States, one mother is sharing her secret on her blog, Audenart Family: A Year in the Life. Mrs. Audenart has created her own “box bed” by allowing all three of her children to sleep in laundry baskets while they are small enough. The photo is making its rounds on Pinterest; where so many other expectant and new moms love this idea and wishing they would have thought of it sooner.

New moms no longer need to worry about the safety of their infant.

What are your thoughts on the infant’s tiny sleeping spaces?

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