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Finley Boyle pet dog attends childs memorial in canoe in Kailua Bay

Finley Boyle pet dog attends childs memorial in canoe in Kailua Bay
Liz Rizzo

Finley's dog, Hoku attended the memorial and rode in the canoe decorated with flower leis while the mother, Ashley sprinkled her ashes into Kailua Bay. Little Hoku crawled under Ashley legs to ride up front with her for the final goodby to sweet Finley.

Finley Boyle is the 3 year old little girl from Kailua, Hawaii who died tragically after a trip to the dentist on December 3, 2013. Dentist Lilly Geyer's office administered too many sedatives and too much anesthesia to Finley Boyle and left her unattended for 26 minutes. The staff and Lilly Geyer did not notify the mom, Ashley Boyle who was waiting in the lobby that they had called paramedics. Ashley heard the commotion and went to investigate and saw the paramedics. Ashley is also a nurse and perhaps if Geyer had allowed her to be with her daughter a tragic event would not have happened. Their office was not able to handle such emergencies.

Finley was already brain dead and remained in a coma for a month before passing away. Lilly L. Geyer continued to see patients and did not tell them what had taken place in the office. Geyer mailed patients a letter stating that "Island Dentistry will no longer be providing dental services" and that their records would be emailed to the dentist of their choice. Geyer can be reached at