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Finger Lakes Fun: Watkins Glen and the Windmill

One of te falls and the rock path
One of te falls and the rock path

The Finger Lakes region boasts so many wonderful places to explore. A trip to Watkins Glen State Park is well worth the visit, especially during this summer when we’ve had a good amount of rain and falls abound. The park is located on the southern tip of Seneca Lake in the town of Watkins Glen. It includes a campground, a large picnic area, swimming pool, etc. However, the main attractions are the trails through the Glen, especially the gorge trail. The glen is only 2 miles long and only a dozen or so feet wide, so you can see everything.

The entrance to the trail is a tunnel, followed by a bridge over Glen Creek. Part of the charm is the stone walkways and bridges built in the 30's as part of a public works project. A mile and a half walk around the park offers many stunning views of the falls, the geological rocks and cliffs. The guides are very knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions about how the various falls were formed and their rock structure. A giant glacier came through and carved out the landscape and left gorges that filled with water. The hike is flat and follows a trail around the gorge and is filled with many opportunities to take beautiful pictures, which are included in the slide show.

If you are not one to glory in the beauty of nature, there is a unique experience awaiting the shopper at the Windmill, a farm and craft market. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by some lovely Amish teens selling amazingly beautiful flower arrangements and baskets. The prices are unbeatable. There are four buildings packed with crafts, gifts, sweaters, cheese, gourmet edibles, breakfast and lunch foods, ice cream, antiques, homemade wooden toys, clothes, produce, jewelry and a plethora of other wonderful treasures. There is also a street of shops with items for the weaver, boutiques, Christian t-shirts, more crafts, jewelry, gifts, shoes and hundreds of other items. Street of shops South sells fair food and a whole lot more. In addition there’s a great open air market extravaganza! Literally there’s something for everyone! Brochures are available that describe where you can find everything.