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Finest dog fragrances


Iguana feces.  Raccoon droppings.  Dead fish.  The counter of "designer" fragrances for the discerning dog is plentiful in Florida's parks and on the pet-friendly beaches.  Skunk spray is a classic dog odor-enhancing drama.

If a long rapturous whiff is followed by an enthusiastic head rub and double shoulder roll, a dog might smell delightful to envious buddies, but beyond foul to human companions.

A trip to the groomer for a deep clean and deodorizing is the best cure for acquired stink. 

There are also home remedies that will return a dog to cherished companion. 

A mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and detergent (dish soap or dog shampoo) is a great odor-buster.  For dead fish "perfume," a mixture of CitraSolve, dog shampoo and water will cut the foul oils permeating a dog's fur.  Tomato juice, the traditional remedy, is less effective than either of these two.

If caught quickly, a perfume-roll can be interrupted and a good rub-down with a washcloth and a odor-busting mixture may be enough to deodorize a dog.  Otherwise, a long marinade in the tub is in order.