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Fine wine and good friends make the perfect evening at Moravia Wines

Moravia Wines vinyard
Moravia Wines vinyard
Courtesy Moravia Wines, used with permission

The best day trips begin with good friends. If you can add fine wine, good food, entertainment and the perfect setting then you have a magical mix of which memories are made.

Moravia Wines vinyard
Courtesy Moravia Wines, used with permission

Friday nights
Such are the Friday nights at Moravia Wines in the heart of the Fresno County wine country. Moravia offers their summer "Friday Family Happy Hour" where anyone can come out to the Winery, sit down at a table, uncork a bottle of fine Moravia wine and enjoy the evening's entertainment line-up. The setting is casual and peals of laughter sound throughout the evening. More likely than not, you will see other friends as well.

Family friendly
The entire family is welcome and you can bring your own picnic. Wine tasting as well as wine by-the-glass and full bottles are available for purchase. Crew Club members receive discounts on their wine purchases. You can strike up a conversation with family owners Rich and Wendi Hammond to learn about the details of the wines and the family business.

Named after the Norwegian vessel "Moravia" that brought the family to America in 1885, the winery celebrates the family history and more than a century of farming and vineyard production in the Fresno region. The winery also offers tasting and picnicking each weekend from 12-5 p.m. You can also reserve the facility for special events such as weddings.

Local regions
Be sure to explore the other wineries in the region. The Fresno wine country may not be as well known as such renowned California locations as Napa and Sonoma, but it is in the lesser-known wine regions such as Fresno, Madera and the local foothills of the Sierra Nevada that the real jewels of fine wine are often discovered.

So pack up a picnic basket, grab your wine glass and your kids, and head out to Moravia for a memorable Friday evening.