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Fine wine and fine art blend to make Sculpterra Winery a truly unique day trip

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Wine and art often go hand-in-hand, but rarely are the two combined into a singular art form all its own. The unique artistry of wine and sculpture can be found at Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Gardens on the back roads of the wine region of Paso Robles, California.

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Sculpture garden
Upon arrival, you are greeted by the magnificent sculpture filled grounds of the property and the stunning 14 foot tall granite cat Golden Morning. You will also find that the gardens are sculptured as elegantly as the art. As you make your way to the tasting room be sure to walk the winding paths to view other beautiful sculptures such as the bronze Yahoo and multi-materials Mammoth.

Fine wines
Of course, wine is also available for tasting in the tasting room. Sculpterra offers nearly two dozen wines and one port, all spanning several years of harvest, that are aged 12-18 months in American, French and Hungarian oak. Like the art, the wine is delicious.

Much like the rest of the Paso Robles wine region, the wines at Sculpterra are mostly red wines with a few whites such as their Viognier and Chardonnay. The reds range from Rose to Cabernet Sauvignon with a number of custom blends with varying percentages of Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot and others.

Sculpterra charity
Sculpture and wine are not the only passions of owners Dr. Warren and Kathy Frankel.

A portion of all proceeds from sales at Sculpterra Winery go to Dr. Frankel’s charity, “His Healing Hands” a medical missionary that travels the globe, reaching out to those less fortunate.

In addition, summers are filled with a variety of events ranging from live music each Sunday to the annual Hawaiian style luau. Many events support local charities and can take place at Sculpterra or off-site at dramatic locations such as Hearst Castle.

Do not forget to visit the other Paso Robles wineries in the vicinity of Sculpterra. If you travel from Highway 46 via Union and Geneseo Roads you will pass Cass Winery on Linne Road. If you stay on Union Road you will pass Rio Seco Winery. While all the wineries of Paso Robles are a pleasure to visit, only Sculpterra offers the truly unique blend of fine sculpture art and fine wine in such a beautiful setting.

Sculpterra is located to the southeast of the city of Paso Robles. You can approach it from several directions, but the common wine tasting routes into and out of Paso Robles may take you down some tricky roads. The approach from the north along Penman Springs Road will take you through a lot of dust and dirt and down to the Huero Huero riverbed before you connect with paved Linne Road. Less adventurous drivers may want to approach from Highway 101 via Niblick, Sherwood and Fontana Roads or from Highway 46 via Union and Geneseo Roads.