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Fine dining and cars don't mix


  • Carol Roach, Montreal Mental Health Examiner 6 years ago

    I don't usually frequent that part of the city, I do eat at terraces on Monkland Boul and that seems to be working fine. I agree with you as nice and European as the idea is, if it hampers traffic it is not a very good application of the idea

  • lise 6 years ago

    On Laurier Ave., East of Parc Ave. there are terrasses taking up parking spots and it works just fine.
    The people complaining the loudest for parking on St-Laurent are the restaurant owners, and they are the ones who have requested these same parking spots for terrasses.
    Ideally, we'd have fewer cars driving up St-Laurent (or any other Plateau street). Having fewer parking spots will result in people who drive to the Plateau switching to alternate transportation, then we all come out winners. Those drivers who decide not to come to St-laurent to eat, they will be replaced by those who appreciate the vibrancy on the street that these terrasses will contribute to. Another bonus is that fewer people will be getting in their cars after having consumed alcohol and that will not only improve life on the Plateau but will protect life wherever those cars with innibriated drivers are heading. So, I say Go Projet Montreal, Go! And to their detractors, I say get with the times: adapt and enjo

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