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Fine Art & Perception

Those who have viewed any kind of displayed art works find one piece that blows away their concept of perception. For those who haven't, keep searching and you will find it. Don't give up. A fascinating little fact is that artists have an advanced sense of perception. Wait, what?

Perception, outside of artists, most define it as how a person sees or views the world. In an art sense, those same people define or link perception with scale or a realist type of art. The more detailed and realistic the art, the better the artists' feel for perception of the subject matter re-created. Truth be known this isn't completely accurate. Perception is relative. How we see the world around us determines how artists portray it in their works and sometimes they are able to see it in two or three ways. The way abstract is created by artists isn't the only way they translate their surroundings into art. Yeah, for all those people out there who haven't quite wrapped their brains around whatever definition this is, what? Try this, abstract is a translation of only one of the views of perception. Wrapped around it yet? So, abstract is a way of seeing the world that artists are capable of? Yes, and every type of style of art depicts a different perception that each particular artist is capable of translating into art. Now that makes sense but the whole translating thing is a little hazy, explain. Sure thing. Translation is simply how we make sense of the immense information that comes to us via our senses. How we see the world is translated by our brain into perception. Since every brain is unique so is each individual's view of perception. This is one reason that there are no limits in art style. No two people are ever exact in the same ways. Neither are thought processes or translations of those processes. Those who have the talent of more than one translation of perception are almost always artists. Is it really that difficult to associate perception, translation and what artists create? In the simplest explanation possible art is an extension of that translation. Perception is more than what we see, it's how we see.

Given this to wrap your head around, perception is a complicated subject and after this hopefully you now have a better concept of it. A small nugget of truth gained to expand on all the complexities of the art world. Now perhaps finding that one piece of art that will blow your mind will be a little closer than before. Get out there, find it and enjoy.

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