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Fine Art Needs No Convincing

Everyone in the work force remember the days of convincing a hiring manager to bring them on board and be apart of the team. Today's job hunters seem to need a degree in sales in order to land any kind of job, even an entry level one. Whatever happened to landing a job due to experience or education? Why can't your knowledge and skills be enough?

Fortunately for artists their knowledge, talents and skills are enough. Fine art galleries choose which artists they will showcase based on their created works. Why? Average jobs and careers are obtained through perception. What does that mean? In other words, jobs are won by showing the hiring manager what they want to see, a manipulation of the facts if you will. Skeptical? Try this, think back and count how many business teachers, school counselors and resume builders took skills learned and 'tailored' them to the point of skills needed and skills learned are only similar in the broadest of terms. Chances are this happened more often than not. Since when is it acceptable to manipulate perception in order to land a job? How did perception become more important in the work force than skill set and experience? As disconcerting as this fact is, one can always take comfort in the fact that some places of business still consider experiences and skills valuable. What makes these experiences worth more? Experiences are gained through doing, through living. Much like learning first hand and reading about it. Artists are among those who understand this. That is why fine art galleries choose artists by their works. Artworks display experience and skill as well as how much the artist understands what they have learned. To an artist experience is everything. It is one of the many aspects of life that an artist translates in their works. Art galleries know the greater the experience of an artist, the greater the chance their showcase pieces will speak to the viewers. The art itself is all the convincing an art gallery needs in deciding what to showcase. No fancy 'tailored' resumes needed. Art is about the skill sets the artists are knowledgeable in and how that translates into their works along with their passion of art. That is all the fine art galleries are concerned with. Art is real and because of that it can never be faked, copied, or manipulated into something its not. What it says to the viewers can't be changed.

Artists don't need to give a speech as to how the gallery would do better with their art. It all comes down to one question: does this piece speak to the gallery board members. Yes or no is all that matters, simple.

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