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Fine Art Defined

What is art? Is it more than just something to hang up giving a color contrast against a blank wall? There it is, that fundamental question that has been around forever but nobody can seem to fully answer. With each person one may ask, there are exactly that many answers. Can there really be so many answers or do people just not know and create one? Why can't one broad, general answer exist? Or one universally accepted definition?

The simple answer is that it doesn't exist. Um yeah, that part is clear, the actual question is why not? Why doesn't that kind of answer exist? Now that question has no easy answer. Ask an artist and they will answer something along the lines of art is expression and passion, beauty and soul. Of course in their effort to clarify or elaborate, the explanation becomes a novel and cam sometimes hinder its own clarification. Art lovers will probably tell you something similar in less of a novel with a little design flare thrown into the mix. No surprise there. A writer may tell you it's in the words of a story. It's that one perfect adjective that describes an entire scene without question or doubt. In the opinion of a dancer, art is beauty and grace. That pivotal moment when movement and fluidity mesh effortlessly with conveyed emotion. To a chef, it's the pure pleasure of enjoying the fine dining experience as a whole. Art brings together the food and the atmosphere. What is dining without the soft music and lights in the background and the decor to remind the patrons from what region they have to thank for such a delicacy. For a mathematician, if they were to actually stop and consider it, the random variables that come together for that one of a kind pattern of nature. For an architect, it's what gives the structures they design its own character. The reason for a passer by to stop and admire. What is art? Different people give different answers to that question because it is so much bigger than any one person may realize. Each answer that is given is only one small piece of the entire answer. Only a handful of people can show you the vastness of that answer so those who can't give you the part that they do know.

Art is so much more than one simple explanation. It is anything and everything you can imagine. To find your answer, simply asking 'what is art' is not enough. you have to go further, That question can only be answered if you ask 'what is art to you?'

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