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Finding the perfect Bali hotel

A Bali local holds an incense stick in a temple doorway
A Bali local holds an incense stick in a temple doorway
Photo by Agung Parameswara/Getty Images

Bali is a beautiful and unique island in the Pacific Ocean, and it is often described by local residents as India's "tropical jewel." Impressive scenery, historical landmarks, spectacular architecture, jungles, rivers and colorful gardens make up the island's alluring atmosphere. Bali hotels are some of the most well appointed establishments in the world, and provide the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable vacation. Hotel deals in Bali can be found to suit virtually every lifestyle and budget.

Bali accommodations

Bali has an impressive selection of accommodations catering to the international tourist. There are various luxury hotels and family friendly properties from which vacationers can choose. In addition, one can opt for a small or moderate size hotel in which to enjoy a vacation. Those who are traveling with children or with a large group may wish to consider a private villa for the added comfort of their party. There is also a wide variety of quaint, no frills hotels for those who have a limited budget with which to work. Most Bali hotels boast restaurants, swimming pools, spas and fitness equipment, recreational activities and private beach access. They also usually have a concierge who will assist vacationers to arrange transportation or plan activities.

Time frame

Bali hotels should be booked between April and September. This is widely known as Bali's dry season, and those who travel to Bali during this time will not have to endure rain or highly humid weather. Bali's most popular season begins in July and ends in early September, but during this time period prices are often quite high and good quality accommodations can be difficult to find. It is not impossible to get great hotel deals in Bali during these months; however, one should make reservations well in advance if this is when he or she is planning to visit the island.

Almost everyone would agree that Bali is one of the world's most beautiful vacation destinations. No one who travels to this enchanting Pacific island is likely to forget its picturesque scenery and impressive landmarks. For this reason, it is wise for travelers to shop around for great hotel deals so that they can get the most out of their Bali experience.