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Finding Yourself

I have been jotting things down on this website for over four years now, I may not have written every week or every day but that's not the point of my writing. I have been through plenty of life's most challenging experiences. I have a six month old baby now, and the first thing that I told myself was "Don't give up your health to spend every waking minute with her." I know most of you find this a little selfish but to me it is necessary. I am sure my daughter Aubrey will thank me in the future for working just the way I needed to along with taking out the time to keep my body in shape. I have met plenty of fathers that say they don't have enough time in their day to keep in shape. They think that carrying their children around is the only weights they need to lift. I have tried and tried to change their way of thinking. Right now I am trying to help my readers out. This is the way I do it and by all means do it the way you have to because I am different than you and everyone else. There are ways that will work for me and won't work for you, so by all means change what you have to.

First it begins with trusting yourself, whether you are a father, college student, or just working to get by I have it in me to tell you to trust yourself. In this way of thinking you will get the most accomplished.

Trust that you can improve yourself as much as possible in this hectic world of ours, where the fathers now think that the weight of their children can keep their hearts, lungs, and entire bodies from turning weak. My advice to you is to work out a plan to change your body. You don't have to be a gym junkie, go for a walk, go to the park, remember that getting your heart rate up for an hour is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Break the rules of life, not the law, but the rules. We have to many of them. If you have a wife she might tell you to do something that you don't want to, break those rules in order to change both of your lives. Remember you want to be the healthy part of your family, even if you don't have children, your family will look up to you and be comfortable talking to you about your change in life.

Don't be afraid to fail. This to me is extremely important. Failing is inevitable in every thing that we do. You will fail in many ways as you try to get back in shape and that is fine, but once you see your body changing you will want to get up out of bed faster to work out and accomplish more in life. Trust me I have been through this in more ways than one when it comes to working out.

Don't listen to the naysayers. Don't be discouraged by someone that says you can't afford a gym membership or the gym is for fools. Just think about it this way, back in the old days we used to have to rely on ourselves to provide. Now we work different jobs to provide for our well being. What we have forgotten is that we still have to work out. Our work outs come from the gym most of the time because most of us don't swing an ax anymore to create wood for the fire, doesn't that sound fun? Any ways remember that a gym isn't only for those selfish kids that get a hard on from their biceps. The gym is for you and make it fun.

Work your butt off. I have started changing my schedule up recently and I think you should to. I have been trying and trying drastically to figure out a sleep schedule so I can get six hours of sleep and eighteen hours of life. Whoa, that's drastic you may say but its not. It is what I am trying to do to work my butt off. I am young at only twenty three and I want to get the most out of life and not sit back while others accomplish more than I do.

Giving back. This has been hard for me since I have gone through my wife's pregnancy and the birth of my daughter. Bills changed as well as life but I only let that affect me in certain ways. I am ready to give back to my community, my state, my country.

Remember those rules of life, of success because I am living them and I think you should do the same. Robert

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