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Finding your perfect match

As most of us already know, there are many benefits to owning a pet. From constant companionship to the always unexciting humor pets bring an extra something to life. Whether this is the first pet you welcome into your home or you are a veteran looking for an addition to your family a question to ask yourself 'is what is the pet or you?' With breeders, pet stores, and rescues all over Milwaukee one must consider all of the options and the endless possibilities.

As is true with all new additions to the home there is a certain level of patience that comes with introducing a pet into a new environment. Before making any final decision you should make a pet checklist. This checklist should give you an idea on what pet is right for you. Do your homework. Use the Internet, breed clubs, and friends as resources to get a background on the pet and breed you are interested in. What are you looking for in a companion? What do they need in return? You and the pet need to be compatible if you both are going to be happy.

Once you have decided on the pet it is a good idea to consider age. Baby animals are cute but require a lot of time and attention. Are you able to accommodate this? If not, an older animal may be better. After you have come to a decision and you know what you are looking for now it is time to find that perfect match. Do not rush into something without knowing what you are rushing into. Check out all of the possibilities. Are you in need of breeder information or are you thinking of adopting? Everyone wants to be a hero to a pet without a home but like humans, animals come with a history. Ask questions and get as much information as you can about the background of your prospective pet. Meet the pet. They are all beautiful but make sure the personality is a match too. Do not be afraid to ask for references, as most people/groups will be more than happy to help you make the right choice. One thing all the people you meet will have in common is they have the animals best interest at heart. They want you and your new family member to be happy.


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