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Finding your Monetized pathway in Technology

There’s really no beginning or ending point. A foundational premise: the conceptual idea underlies fun and desirability. This does not underlie interests in retail positioning, though plausible. Nor a reflection forcing gravitation to education or counseling in any academic setting, despite usage. Similar cases are permissible with law/security, entertainment, sports, religion, etc.. Reading between the lines, branching along the technology trail is not an equation purely submerged by money pools; philosophically, a world inundated with innovation still needs accountants, managers, good workers, quality products, paying customers, and so on. Thus, behind the scene points are lost by merely focusing upon new items.

New tech gadgets, new economics
New tech gadgets, new economics
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Mobile phones
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Hence, the value of any good or service, regardless of production process, must remain useful to us as consumers, with broader incorporation into society; such as, building bridges to commuter systems, or even improvements captivating energy alternatives. What holds true individually still relies upon interest and ability? Several arguments crop-up in observation: some networks link writing with religion and marketing; others link religion and entertainment; another associates a degree as qualification to legitimize pushing high school counselor or recruiter role; and then, there are those overlooking historical concepts, assuming standing up for one’s liberties is a referendum on seeking a public office to a commando role. It’s doubtful these commentaries are actual vehicles driving our personal lives; yet, certain mindsets exist in society for promoting harshly that consciousness. In presumptive form, economists will likely say technology is viewed today as among the hot economic tickets. In essence, coding singular or limited paths are better left to desires of our own accord. For in the end, calculations of wealth are more an outcome to success of goals not the critical goal.

The debate continues. An appreciation of technology, engulfing even a monetary focus, shows no one travels by isolation; whether stay at home parent, business owner, worker, or hybrid approaches. And geographic is not necessarily the salient positioning. Further evaluation solidifies the ideal or real factors may pertain more to constitutional teachings: level playing field, privacy to plan, rights to striking claims, timing action steps, recognizing opportunity windows, connecting with forward thinkers, and grasping for concepts outside and beyond the box. Here lies the challenge of walking the maze of those aiming acceptance to ideologies completely opposite, in all regards, even to innovation trends. Overall, agreeing or disagreeing, technology is changing the landscape of industries, crossing continents and cultures. In the hands of the good, it becomes greater; in the hands of others, a possible weapon of injustice. Communication tools are most evident of that.

Taking a step back from the ‘wow’ moment of innovative products, conceptually, how does one strategized the work environment impacted by technology? Can we tow a line not about reducing staff or more about incorporating recyclables and alternative energy sources? Consider the vision of retrofitting new technology to older goods, as potential new business. The application limited only by imagination. These underlying themes illustrate the envelope has and continues to widen about the spectrums of concentrations.

Because this equation entails new gadgets; reporting, reviewing, and marketing are growing and important aspects. Yet, the storyline is encompassing; look at the investment angle, stock speculation. Collectively, every industry has challenges of rising with the applicable tide of innovation. The quandary walks into the expansive nature; pursuit to work, choice on participation, niche area, and commitment. Remember, not mandatory; really, as it relates to you, and your take, and your call. But, most people prefer not to have others rain on their parade.

Conclusively, technology creation doesn’t expect individuals tarred and feathered to it 24 hours every day; nor to construct acts of preventive socialized mingling; neither a mandate subscribing to one type of lifestyle and or career aspiration. The actual perception, in basic form, speaks to technology as the new economic river with no boundaries; and, if any, only limited by ingenuity in application, given a fair chance.

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