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Finding Your Exercise Group Online

No man or woman is an island, and that goes for almost every sphere of your life. If you are making it a point to become more active, it can be tough, but it can be even harder if you are doing it alone. If you are the kind of person who likes to do a lot of things by yourself, more power to you! You already have what you need to start out, as long as you have your doctor's blessing.

Some people, however, need to hang out in a group and would much prefer going to the gym with one or more other people. Some people can't imagine power walking through the park without their friends to chat with along the way. After all, many things are easier and much more fun when you do them with other people and good company. We don't need the proof of scientific studies to show us how much happier and healthier we are when our friends are around.

If your friends aren't into exercising, you still don't have to do it alone. One great way to find good people to work out with is via the internet. Sure you could go to the gym and meet people, but this way, it's much easier to find people you would enjoy spending time with, who also share your interests and tastes. Here are a few places you can start checking out today to find like-minded seniors in the Denver area who are looking for a work-out buddy or group.

First, you can check out one of the biggest social networking sites in the world – Facebook. If you don't have an account, you can quickly and easily created one and start posting to your friends to see if you can recruit anyone in your friends group, or your mutual friends who live in Denver. You can also search for a group or organization in the search bar for senior fitness groups in the Denver area.

The Denver Senior Resource Guide [] gives you an extensive list of great senior-friendly recreation centers in the Denver area. If you're more of an in-person person, you can go there and meet other seniors face to face, or join a class for seniors only.

For a more specific group, is a great place to find other seniors in the Denver area who get together regularly to exercise. There is a group for Tai Chi in the Park, and a group that focuses mainly on heart health. You can browse to find one that is in line more with your interests and goals in fitness. also has a list of Denver Senior Fitness classes that you might want to check out []. A word of safety – when meeting with people you've never met in person, always do so in a well-lit public place during the day, and bring a trusted friend or family member with you. When you are sure you know who they are, only meet up with them out in a public for a while and avoid telling them where you live, or going to their house or other private area.

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