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Finding your city's Henge - Just like Manhattanhenge

Find your city's "henge" just like Manhattanites did with Manhattanhenge.
Find your city's "henge" just like Manhattanites did with Manhattanhenge.
Rebecca Jefferis Williamson

Manhattanhenge--a twice a year event that finds New York city residents and visitors googling where to get the best shot of the sun as it sets between skyscrapers.

A reinvention of the old sunset shot if you will.

New York city's perfectly aligned east-west street grid allows photographers the opportunity to get a new, improved version of a sunset shot between skyscrapers. The city streets are layed out perfectly for this phenomenon.

On July 12, 2014, the most recent "henge," people lined up on bridges, street crossings, and preselected streets that gave the best opportunity to shoot the sun going down. For example 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42th, and 57th streets were cited; the shots featured above were taken on 34th street.

A multitude of websites offered advice on how to get the best shot, where to go, when to arrive and days ahead warnings of when the sun went down to properly shoot the beautiful ball of light.

Native New Yorker, Neil deGrasse Tyson, with New York's Museum of Natural History, coined the term Manhattanhenge and it stuck.

Although there is a MIThenge (Massachuettes Institute of Technology) in Cambridge and was first advertised in 1975 the one most common now is Manhattanhenge.

Manhattanhenge has been featured in a CSI:New York show, the film Morning Glory, and was been used as an album cover.

There are allegedly more and more cities around the world trying to find their henge with a Cathedral-henge being another popular sunset shot. It features an angel blowing a horn and photographers try to get the silhouette of the angel right in the summer solstice sunset.

That said what do San Diegans have to work with for their henge shot?

1. The San Diego Chargers' Qualcomm stadium - top level, upper deck, taken from the further most eastern spot.

2. Two dolphins leaping out of the Pacific ocean like twin skyscrapers to capture that henge shot. Or use the trained dolphins at beleaguered San Diego's SeaWorld Shamu's (maybe abandoned in the future) pool.

3. Off of the Coronado Bay Bridge at a point that is determined to be the most perfect east-west aligned light fixtures.

4. Use your fingers to create a fake henge shot. Rudimentary but, perhaps, effective.

"Think up" your city's henge. Find your henge.

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