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Finding time for the whole family

More family time in the season equals more Joy in the season
More family time in the season equals more Joy in the season
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The busiest season of the year is beginning bringing with it parties, visitors, decorating and much more. From preparing a Thanksgiving feast to celebrating the winter holidays with friends and family, finding time to spend with your immediate family isn't easy. As important as weekly family time is, finding the time for family is even more so.

The easiest solution to the problem is to carve out time to have the whole family join in on the joys, wonders and chores of the season. Need to bake 12 dozen cookies for a cookie swap? Have the whole family pitch in to help.  Have a ton of gift wrapping to do? Bring out the gifts that are not for the family and have them help! Kids can help make wrapping paper or even gift boxes!

Make your family night the times that you relax and enjoy one another. Even if you are getting things done, keep the conversation going, praise your children for their help and appreciate the little things in life and the reason for the busy season. Love, guidance and family.