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Finding the way out of your maze

Finding your way out of your maze.
Finding your way out of your maze.

Everyone is traveling on his or her own life’s path. A person will at times take a detour and enter into a maze when wandering off the road. It is unfortunate to say that it is easy to get lost in that maze. Finding the way out sometimes takes time, perseverance and strength.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you saw something you thought you might like and as soon as you get to it, you realize you have made a big mistake? You are not alone. This happens to the best and worst of people. You cannot be so hard on yourself because you are human and you will slip up.

A good point to remember is that in every maze, there is a way out. Sometimes there is even more than one way out but like in every maze, you will run into dead ends and have to turn around and go back to where you started. This is why perseverance is so important.

Even though you will become tired and frustrated, you cannot stop searching for your exit. People do not just fail because there is no success there; they fail because they give up. The second you give up is the second you fail. Would you rather live dying or die trying?

What is life when all you accept is failure and misery? That is no life at all. In the dictionary, the definition of life is the ability to grow and change that separates plants and animals from things like water or rocks. Life is the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body.

Life is the ability to grow and change. Although you may feel like you are stuck, you are wrong. Know that you have the ability to grow and change into whatever you want to be. Life means that you are a vital and functional being. If you are not dead, then you have the ability to travel in any direction you want to go.

Your mind will sometimes question where you are but that is not meant for you to give up, that is meant for you to rethink your path in life. That is when your spirit comes into play. Your spirit is your driving force. It is what pushes you beyond what your mind thinks is possible. Your spirit is what gives you that gut feeling when something is not right or is right, which some call instinct. Trust your gut feelings because doing what feels right more likely than not will take you abundant places you never knew you could go.

When finding your way out of the maze you are stuck in, trust your instincts, remember where the dead ends are and more importantly, never give up. You will find your way out and when you do, you can take what you learned and not make the same mistakes twice. Once you are back on your original path, you will know when not to go astray and if you do, you will be more experienced in getting yourself out.

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