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Finding the true evil

Aftermath of Connecticut school shooting
Aftermath of Connecticut school shooting
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The horrific event in Newtown, Connecticut has left the country in shock, this author included. The shooting has shaken us to the core, and leaves us wanting answers. One of these questions is: “What causes such evil?”

After our immediate shock, we want to lash out, to blame something or someone or a group. Anti-gun groups attempt to use this emotional instinct of ours to form national opinions, their favorite mantra being “guns are evil”. While the deceased kindergarten children and their teachers are still lying in their classroom, anti-gun groups seize the disturbing moment. From the Brady Campaign president, Dan Gross:

We have to take terrible moments like this and use it as a catalyst to demand the sensible change in our nation that is too long overdue. ~ Dan Gross, President of Brady Campaign

Are firearms evil? Is it possible for inanimate objects to cause human beings to commit despicable acts? Of course not; but Mayor Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign and President Obama are using these unfortunate children to push their agenda, and would like you to believe that pieces of metal and plastic have wicked intentions.

However, we know evil is at work in our country. What malevolence caused this horrible shooting?

I believe apathy toward our fellow man’s plight is the true evil at work here. We have become a society that has removed ourselves as far away as possible from our brothers and sisters. While individuals spend millions supporting anti-gun groups who want to remove rights, they care not of our problems with mental illness in this country. Mental illness by itself is not the immoral sickness our country is inflicted with, but it is our inability to heed this problem that sickens us. Supporters of firearms rights are just as much to blame, and should push our country toward addressing this problem, without giving up any of our rights.

No matter how you feel about the Second Amendment, our country as a whole should approach the mental illness problem and drop the gun control rhetoric.

There is one more evil to blame here--- our inability to shield our most defenseless. An L.A. detective said on a talk show Friday afternoon that these mentally deranged cowards seek out the most defenseless among us. On this occasion, the most unprotected people were kindergartners. These unbalanced cowards attack those that are least able to protect themselves, as was proven in 1927, when a bomber killed 38 elementary school children.

We must fight both of these evils. More effort can be made by our fellow countrymen to respond better when one suspects mental problems in others. Our national thought process should not be on infringing upon rights, but should be concentrated on helping our fellow citizens.

We should also demand far better armed protection for our school children.


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