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Finding the stones to break free from the HHS, PC, chains that bind us

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Goliath giggled as he approached David.

Goliath continues to giggle today.

David will always be David, however, if he remembers that history continually proves that a few small stones will always take down a big-fat-bloated-tyrant! Whether we see it in sports in the underdog defeating the favorite, or in world history where a little nation like Israel defeats its overwhelming, swarming enemies (still swarming today), we are reminded that 'God draws straight with crooked lines,' that 'nothing is impossible with God,' and that we 'can do all things in Christ who strengthens' us.

But do we still have the stones to stand against Goliath?

We found the jail securely locked
and the guards stationed outside the doors,
but when we opened them, we found no one inside.
” Acts 5:17-26

The HHS mandate, and political correctness in general, relies on the assumption that the general population will comply out of fear of government retribution (ex., IRS) or social ostracizing. But, like the old TV show 'The Odd Couple' reveals, to 'assume' makes an ass out of 'u' and 'me.'

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Getting to the gist of the matter, we do not have to comply! We do not have to live in the HHS, PC, gaol (jail). 'We the People' have the vote! 'We the People' appoint our leaders to serve us! Better yet, we elect them to serve the Truth. And when they don't, we must kick their ass out!

The Catholic-Christian-American David needs to find the stones to do this... before it's too late!

{Interestingly, if you read Acts 5:17-26, you will notice that the first century Jews had a sort of 2nd Amendment right, and power! Consistently, in the Old Testament, and in the New, when 'the powers that be' tried to thwart Truth (such as in a prophet), the people rose up and protected God's Truth with their ancient poor man's ammunition...stones! They had the stones...we need to refind ours in faith and hope.}

"The angel of the LORD encamps
around those who fear him, and delivers them.
" Psalm 34:2-9

But in order to find our stones, we must first find God. As baptized disciples of Jesus, this is only a repentantly fearful, yet childlike trusting, prayer away! For the stones to stone Goliath come from the Cornerstone rejected by the Goliath's past. Jesus, that Cornerstone, is the cornerstone of Truth; therefore, He is the cornerstone of our much needed stand against the Goliath of our current day.

Will we unite, and stand, on the Cornerstone of Christ, for Truth, and Life in America today?

"God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son,
so that everyone who believes in him might not perish
but might have eternal life
." John 3:16-21

We must not forget that Goliath holds captive many a lost soul in the herd of PC, HHS, minions. Many a cafeteria-Catholic, wayward Christian, and deluded youngster, is held captive in a trance-like-state, induced by seductive lies and ideologies. God loves those lost souls. God desires for them to Come Home.

So, as we fight Goliath, aiming our stones at his head, we must simultaneously offer the olive branch of Truth, in Jesus Christ, to the lost and wayward herd.